Dr. George Dreszer's Bio

Intelligent, talented, compassionate... couldn't ask for more from a surgeon.

~Plantation, Fl

Dr. George Dreszer is an award-winning, board-certified plastic surgeon who has a unique collection of experience from all over the world. His patients know and love him for his talent, his humor, as well as his exclusive approach to individual care.

Dr. Dreszer is bilingual, and his worldliness has allowed him to connect with individuals from all walks of life. It does not take long to uncover his warmth, passion, and genuine care for people. Aside from his many accomplishments and awards, this Ft. Lauderdale plastic surgeon is most proud of his volunteer work and outreach projects.

At his premier center for cosmetic surgery, Dr. Dreszer brings an extroverted personality, international experience, as well as extensive training to Vanguard Plastic Surgery; creating an environment his patients can feel comfortable in, not to mention beautiful.

Look No Further, Dr. Dreszer Gave Me my Body Back!

~ Fort Lauderdale, Fl


This Ft. Lauderdale Plastic Surgeon has gained his skills from top-notch programs all over the country.  He is known for being one of the best plastic surgeons in Fort Lauderdale for performing a world-class mommy makeover, Dr. Dreszer also has 7 years of experience in plastic surgery and specialized in DIEP flap surgery,which gives him a great competitive advantage in his area.

Dr. Dreszer has trained with the best in his field, along with Dr. Jennifer Harrington, who is best known for her skill with labiaplasty. Not only is he very skilled with cosmetic surgery, but is also very experienced in Microvascular surgery. Dr. Dreszer is the winner of the James Barrett Brown Award in 2011 and 2012, the winner of the Leonard R. Rubin Award for 2012, as well as several other awards for his publications and extensive research papers.  

Although his wide range of expertise brings him notoriety in the medical world, his various missions and Pro-bono work in Peru, Colombia, and Ecuador are what makes him memorable to the lives he has enhanced with his generosity.

“Dr. Dreszer is a top notch surgeon.”

~Plantation, Fl

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