How Much Does a Buttock Lift Cost?

Close up photo of a woman's buttocks in a sexy bikini bottom while standing on the beach

Decades ago, women used bustles, petticoats, and girdles to create that much-desired hourglass shape. However, these outfit enhancers were rendered useless with the introduction of curve-hugging jeans. Today’s fashion accentuates the buttocks and waist, but unfortunately, not all of us have the genes that form a dreamy silhouette. The good news is, with plastic surgery you can get the perfect butt and a slim waistline. If you’re like most people, you’re probably wondering, how much does a buttock lift cost? There is no one-size-fits-all price tag, but there are several factors that determine what you’ll pay for the procedure.

What is a Buttock Augmentation?

A buttock augmentation typically involves two procedural steps, that is, extracting fat through liposuction of the hips, lower back, and waistline and injecting the purified fat into the buttocks. The extent of the work covered significantly affects the total cost of the procedure. For instance, slender women may require less liposuction than thicker women with the latter fetching higher costs. There can be a drastic difference in figures among women who wear the same dress size. Complicated procedures may command higher price tags.

What Are Your Surgeon’s Qualifications?

The success of a buttock lift procedure, also referred to as gluteoplasty, boils down to the surgeon you chose. Surgeons tend to charge different fees, based on their skills, experience, and demand. Typically, the best surgeons in the country tend to have great, affordable prices. Practitioners charging suspiciously low prices are a telltale sign of incompetence, inexperience and a penchant for taking shortcuts to appease clients, placing patients at a higher risk of sustaining botched procedures and adverse injuries.

How Does Location Influence Cost?

Your geographical location also plays a significant role in determining the cost of surgery. The amount you pay may be higher than the national average if you live in a city with a high living cost. Cities like Fort Lauderdale, Florida are home to some of the best plastic surgeons offering butt lifts at competitive rates. Consider your options wisely.

What Are the Diagnostic Tests & Post-Operative Medications?

It’s paramount to know that the cost of an operation extends beyond just the surgeon’s fees. Other fees that may reflect in your bill include anesthesia, lab tests, surgical facility/hospital costs, medications, and aftercare costs. So, when choosing a plastic surgeon, ask a lot of questions and go for the one who has no hidden fees.

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