Tummy Tuck

Why Get a Tummy Tuck?

The goal of an abdominoplasty (commonly known as tummy tuck) surgery is to remove excess skin and fat around the stomach while tightening the abdominal wall. Some people try to achieve the flat and toned abdomen through a daily regimen of exercise and diet. However, occasionally these methods do not assist them in meeting their goals.  

A mini tummy tuck is a procedure that improves the portion of the abdomen below the belly button. This procedure is more beneficial for patients who have a pouch instead of saggy skin.


The length of recovery depends on various factors. In terms of recovery, the patient will be given very specific instructions from the surgeon that should be followed exactly. This will range from information on how to care for the surgical site as well as medication that can be applied topically or taken orally to prevent infection and aid the healing process. The patient may be wrapped in a compression garment to support the abdomen as it heals and reduces swelling from the surgery.

Tummy Tuck Surgery Cost

Your delight about the post-surgery appearance of your abdomen will far outweigh concerns of the tummy tuck cost. However, there are actual several types of tummy tucks and the cost for each varies because this amount that is mentioned does not include additional surgery related fees such as anesthesia, medical tests, operating room facility fees, post-surgery garments, etc. Remember, when you are choosing one of the best plastic surgeons in Florida, your comfort with them as well as their experience is just as important as the final cost of surgery. You will absolutely love your tummy tuck before and after when you book with the premiere center for cosmetic surgery.





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